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Hi, this is Mayor Buddy Pinder from Islamorada. This is Earth Month where we celebrate this wonderful planet Water is at the center of life on planet earth and water is such a precious resource. Water quality and water conservation and protection, specially important here in the Florida Keys.

I want to invite everyone in our community to participate in the national mayor’s water conservation challenge during the month of April. It’s already started, but you can still join. This is a friendly competition between cities across America to see who can be the most water-wise community, meaning who can conserve the most water. The cities with the highest percentage of residents that participate, win! and by the way, there are many prizes for the winners in these communities including a brand new hybrid car. Participate!, get your kids involved, our future depends on them being good stewards of our resources. Let’s teach them what they need to do today, so they will do their part to tomorrow join me in this Noble effortand let’s make the pledge together – go to www.mywaterpledge.com and learn more. Have a very blessed day and a wonderful day. Thank you!


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